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Promoting a new fanfic challenge community

stories_a_z is a challenge comm where there aren't any actual prompts, not as such.

The premise, however, is very simple: write twenty-six stories; each title must begin with a different letter of the alphabet.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well it is really. There's no need to try to shoe-horn a story into a specific prompt or wonder what on earth you are going to write for a prompt, you write what you want to write - it's just the titles you have to 'fit' to the 'prompts'.

And to make life even easier when it comes to claiming, pretty much anything goes. You can claim:

  • A slash '/' pairing (male/male or female/female)
  • A het '/' pairing (male/female)
  • A gen '&' pairing (no romantic and/or sexual relationships)
  • A slash '/' triad (male or female)
  • A het '/' triad (male and female
  • A single character
  • A general series
  • Multi ( basically as with my 100_tales comm you may write multiple pairings/character/fandoms)

    The lovely doylebaby has kindly consented again to be my co-maintainer and the comm is in effect up and running as from today.
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